chase nothing but your liquor & your dreams.

Driving a 91 skyline r32 gtst <3. Nursing student. Adventure-er. Taken since 9/29/12 ❤️

I'm loving life and getting everything out of life that I can. JDM

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Picture quality ok. Car quality unreal 👍

Our new love. Currently 6 week old lab - golden retriever mix! Take her home in a fews. So fricken cute!


Live the #86LIFE! #drifting #AE86 #86FEST (at RSPEC Autowerks)

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All clean

My babe and our new puppy!! Can’t take her home quite yet but holy balls so excited!!!

Well ladies and gents. Signing the papers for our new place tomorrow.

And just sent an email off for our puppy.

This smile on my face won’t go away



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Up at bear mountain

3 am cruises are some of the best

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your blog is awesome. youre awesome.
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Thank you :D!!!


Revscene “lifes good” Summer meet 2011

Oops a #selfie