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Driving a 91 skyline r32 gtst <3. Nursing student. Adventure-er. Taken since 9/29/12 ❤️

I'm loving life and getting everything out of life that I can. JDM

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The wind blew my drivers door into the sidewalk really fast and hard, and it got stuck for a bit

I instantly yelled “oh fuck me!!” in anger.

Some random guy across the road then yelled “shotty”!

Shoulda seen that coming…..

Quick piv

Evening fishing

Girly post

Went shopping

Excuse the messy room, I’m packing

The skyrine

Took the skyline into the shop for an alignment cause she was needing one badly. Never again to a shop. Guy was such an ass about my “lowered car with wheel spacers”. Then suggested I get a more reasonable car.

Hun you never saw my 240…

This guy

Got more results for my back…. There’s bad arthritis along both sides of my spine in my mid-lower back. There’s a chance two vertebrae are fused together as well. This would all explain this pain I am constantly in…..

Also to add my doctor is getting ultra sounds done on my bladder and kidneys “just to make sure there are no tumours” - I didn’t even know there was a question about tumours….

:’( just too much. And stress from life

I need a vacation


Girth brigade

(via delusionill)

Fuck alarm systems. Fuck them and their stupidness.

I don’t think most will understand how stoked I am. Went to Tim hortons to get a small icecap, they gave me a medium and a free donut. :D!